The Goal of DAE,
is to help marginalized individuals Discover Artistic Empowerment, enabling their voices to resonate, irrespective of their backgrounds or perspectives. As they find new ways of expressing themselves, we commit to amplifying and honoring these diverse narratives within our community, creating awareness of the immense value in our collective endeavor.  
The Vision of DAE,
is a world where profound insights, deep empathy, and unwavering acceptance thrive, fostering equality for all its members. Together, let us embark on this journey towards a future where every voice is heard, cherished, and empowered.
"Giving voice to characters that have no other voice, that's the great worth of what we do!"

-Meryl Streep

A DAE in the life

Community Outreach & Collaboration
Beyond the stage, DAE actively engages with the Tucson community, participating in events like the Tucson Disability Pride Day Celebration, Rare Disease Day & All Abilities Day. We also like pride in collaborating with local partners like PMHDC Southwest Medical Aid (PSMA), to create a supportive environment for all.
(Click to visit PSMA website)

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