Differently Abled Entertainment (DAE) is a 501(c)3 organization that stands as a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment, carving a path of representation and acceptance in an industry plagued by exclusion. Founded by the resilient Jon-Lee "Jonni" Campbell, a multifaceted artist whose own journey was reshaped by a spinal cord injury at age 16, DAE emerged from a fervent desire for change.
In the annals of theater, spanning over 2500 years, lies a profound truth: it is more than mere entertainment; it is a vessel for storytelling, a means of converting ignorance into understanding and a medium for invoking empathy. Yet, within its hallowed halls, a disheartening truth persists: the underrepresentation of differently abled individuals. In a nation where 26% of adults live with disabilities, the disparity is staggering: only 1-2% of TV and film roles feature disabled individuals, with a glaring 95% of those roles portrayed by non-disabled actors.
This stark reality not only perpetuates stereotypes but also corrodes the self-esteem of those marginalized by society. Herein lies the essence of DAE's objective: to reclaim narratives, to amplify voices silenced by systemic barriers. For within the realm of theater lies the transformative power to cultivate communication skills, to nurture self-confidence, and to foster empathy.
DAE stands at the forefront of change, extending its hand to individuals of all abilities and backgrounds, offering inclusive opportunities for representation. Each production, each performance is a testament to the diversity of human experience, ensuring that every story, regardless of its teller, is heard and celebrated.
In the spotlight of DAE's stage, barriers crumble, stereotypes dissolve, and a chorus of voices rises, united in the pursuit of equity and understanding. Together, we rewrite the script of inclusivity, weaving a tapestry of empathy and acceptance that transcends the confines of the stage. For DAE, the journey is not merely about entertainment; it is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling, a beacon of hope in a world yearning for acceptance and understanding.
Our MISSION is to promote and encourage differently abled artists in the entertainment industry by producing content featuring their talents.
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