**Volunteer Set Designer Position**
**Position Overview:**
Join the creative team at Differently Abled Entertainment (DAE) as a volunteer set designer and contribute your artistic talents to bringing our performances and workshops to life. As a set designer, you will play a pivotal role in conceptualizing, designing, and executing sets and props that enhance the storytelling and immersive experience of our productions.
1. **Set Design:**
   - Collaborate with directors, producers, and fellow designers to develop creative concepts and themes for sets.
   - Translate concepts into detailed set designs, including sketches, renderings, and scale models.
   - Select and source materials, fabrics, and props to bring designs to fruition, considering budget and logistical constraints.
2. **Set Construction:**
   - Oversee the construction and assembly of set pieces, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to design specifications.
   - Coordinate with volunteers and production crew to delegate tasks and manage workload effectively.
   - Utilize woodworking tools, painting techniques, and other construction methods to build and finish sets to a high standard.
3. **Set Decoration:**
   - Apply scenic painting techniques to enhance textures, colors, and visual elements of sets.
   - Decorate sets with props, furnishings, and decorative elements that complement the production's theme and aesthetic.
   - Ensure consistency and continuity in set decoration across scenes and performances.
4. **Collaboration and Communication:**
   - Communicate regularly with the production team to discuss progress, challenges, and any adjustments to the set design.
   - Collaborate with other departments, such as lighting and sound, to ensure seamless integration of set elements with technical aspects of the production.
   - Maintain open lines of communication with volunteers and staff members, providing guidance and support as needed.
- Creative flair and artistic sensibility, with a passion for set design and visual storytelling.
- Previous experience in set design, theater production, or related fields is preferred but not required.
- Proficiency in basic carpentry, scenic painting, and prop-making techniques.
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
- Flexibility and adaptability to adjust designs and plans based on evolving production needs.
- Commitment to the mission and values of Differently Abled Entertainment (DAE).
**Time Commitment:**
This is a volunteer position with flexible hours, with time commitments varying based on production schedules and project timelines. We appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers and strive to provide a rewarding and fulfilling experience.
**Application Process:**
To apply for the volunteer set designer position, please submit your resume, portfolio (if available), and a brief statement outlining your interest in the role and relevant experience to 
volunteer@ourdae.org ​​​​​​​
 We look forward to collaborating with you to create unforgettable theatrical experiences that inspire and entertain audiences.
Differently Abled Entertainment (DAE) is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and experiences.
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