**Volunteer Social Media Manager Position**
**Position Overview:**
Differently Abled Entertainment (DAE) is seeking a dynamic and creative individual to join our team as a volunteer social media manager. In this role, you will be responsible for managing our various social media platforms to increase engagement, raise awareness, and promote our events and programs. If you are passionate about leveraging the power of social media to make a positive impact and connect with our community, we encourage you to apply for this exciting volunteer opportunity.
1. **Social Media Strategy:**
   - Develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with DAE's goals and objectives.
   - Create content calendars, schedules, and campaigns to maintain a consistent presence on social media platforms.
   - Identify and leverage opportunities for growth and engagement across different social media channels.
2. **Content Creation and Curation:**
   - Create compelling and visually appealing content, including graphics, videos, photos, and written posts, to share on social media.
   - Curate relevant content from other sources, such as news articles, blog posts, and user-generated content, to share with our audience.
   - Ensure all content is accessible, inclusive, and reflective of DAE's values and mission.
3. **Community Engagement:**
   - Monitor and respond to comments, messages, and mentions on social media platforms in a timely and professional manner.
   - Foster meaningful interactions and conversations with our followers, supporters, and community members.
   - Collaborate with the marketing team to develop and implement social media campaigns and initiatives to engage and grow our audience.
4. **Analytics and Reporting:**
   - Track key performance metrics, such as engagement, reach, and conversion rates, to assess the effectiveness of social media efforts.
   - Use analytics tools and insights to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement in our social media strategy.
   - Prepare regular reports and presentations to share with the marketing team and stakeholders, highlighting successes and key learnings.
- Strong understanding of social media platforms, trends, and best practices, with previous experience managing social media accounts for organizations or brands.
- Excellent communication skills, with the ability to craft compelling and engaging content tailored to different audiences and platforms.
- Proficiency in graphic design, video editing, and content creation tools/software is preferred but not required.
- Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
- Passion for DAE's mission and commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility through social media.
**Time Commitment:**
This is a volunteer position with flexible hours, with time commitments varying based on social media activity and campaign schedules. We value the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers and strive to provide a rewarding and fulfilling experience that fits your availability and interests.
**Application Process:**
To apply for the volunteer social media manager position, please submit your resume, portfolio (if available), and a brief cover letter outlining your interest in the role and relevant experience to
We look forward to working with you to amplify our voice and impact through social media.
Differently Abled Entertainment (DAE) is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and experiences.
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